Workshop fotosub 15 luglio 2018

Riviera del levante Lavagna (Ge)

Meeting with photography under water in the pool.

Insertion to the photograph under water in the pool, post production of images, management of raw files and photoshop.

Program of the workshop day:

10:00 am meeting at the blackboard highway exit:
10:30 am beginning theoretical lesson use of backgrounds, weights; and teaching on the posture of the model under water.
11:00 am start shots in the water.
1:00 pm break
2:00 pm Start session of shots in the water
16:00 break time
16:30 pm Lesson post production photoshop
18:00 end of the workshop and delivery of certificates.

Participation in the workshop:

The Workshop is useful for those who want to start the adventure in portraiture photography under water without the aid of special underwater equipment. Professional or semi-professional enclosures, including waterproof cases, will be available for photographers.

The course focuses on the organization of a photographic set under water in the pool, explaining the various difficulties and resolution in the realization of underwater images in the pool.
Teaching and preparation of the model for the installation under water, backgrounds and post production of the images ..

Photographers must have available a personal diving mask for free diving.

For more info you can contact us through this form for any info.

     Cristian 347-9050670

 Simone 3287133794